Our garden


Linger - Relax – Enjoy
Discover how the power and beauty of nature can enrich your life.

The centrepiece of our house is the 800m2 alpine garden, a colourful, juxtaposition of alpine, herbal and healing plants, exotics and traditional farm roses. In the middle stands the Kaiser gate, carved from granite stone, facing the spectacular Wild Emperor Mountains (Wilder Kaiser).

Our garden is a place full sensual stimulation for the eyes, nose and palate. Enjoy a special feeling of life and behold the playful wonder of light and shadow, in the midst of our fragrant flower garden, which seamlessly transitions into a natural fruit meadow that presents its multifaceted self in an extraordinary way. Relax in one of our sun loungers, listening to the gentle sound of water caressing the earth as it flows from the gate towards the Wild Emperor mountains, or enjoy the view of the Wilder Kaiser from one of our many beautiful seating arrangements.