Cancellation Policy:

  • From 24 hours after the initial booking and up to 3 months prior to arrival, you are liable to pay 30% of the total price of your stay, upon cancellation of your booking.
  • 3-1 months before your arrival date, 40% of the total price of your stay.
  • 1 month - 1 week before arrival, 70% of the total price of your stay.
  • If you were to cancel you booking less that 7 days before your arrival date you are liable to pay 90% of the total price of your stay.

If your booking is cancelled or modified, or in the case of a “no-show”, the total price of the booking will be charged.

We guarantee the best price for direct bookers! Why? Because booking portals cause commission costs that we save with diredt bookings. And for that we want to thank you.

We calculate responsibly and keep our prices. In the event of unforeseeable economic developments and changes in the VAT rate, an adjustment must unfortunately be made.

Due to the current situation (inflation etc), we are particularly affected by unpredictable price fluctuations (food, energy etc). We calculate very carefully and in a coustomer-friendly manner, but we  reserve the right to adjust our prices appropriately at short notice in the event of corresponding developments.

We ask for your understanding. However, we guarantee that we will not make any of these decisions lightly.

Please note that you automatically accept our terms and conditions including our cancellation policy by the act of booking with us!

Hotel Guidelines
Apart from the aforementioned cancellation conditions, the Austrian hotel contract regulations apply!

To the Terms of Business (AGBH 2006 as PDF) can be downloaded here.

Please inform us, when there is a dog with you.

 Tip: Think about taking out traveling insurance, as you are also covered in the event of a Covid disease or a suspected case on your part or in your acpuaintance ( you can read all the details on the European Travel Insurance website). You can find the link on our homepage.